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Why is Mail Merge not working? Why am I having problems with ActiveX controls?

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Why is Mail Merge not working? Why am I having problems with ActiveX controls?


The mail merge functionality in Salesforce requires users to first download the Salesforce mail merge add-on for Microsoft Word.

To download the add-on, your browser must be configured to accept ActiveX controls, you must have administrator access to download to your machine, and your machine must meet the following system requirements.

Microsoft Word:
- Version XP and Vista

Web browser:
- Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (32 bit)
- Note for Internet Explorer 7 users: The first time you use the mail merge add-on, the pop-up message "Exception: Automation server can't create object" may occur. You can disregard this message. Click OK to close the pop-up and proceed with your mail merge.

Operating system:
- Windows XP or Vista

If your machine does not meet the requirements set above; you will not be able to use the mail merge functionality. We recommend contacting your IT department to assist you with the upgrades required.

If your machine does meet the above requirements and you are still having issues, please check the ActiveX browser settings below.

Follow these steps to enable your browser to accept and run ActiveX controls:

1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.

2. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.

3. Select the Security tab.

4. Click on the icon for the Internet content zone.

5. Click on the Custom Level button.

6. Under the ActiveX controls and plug-ins section, select either the ""Prompt"" or ""Enable"" option for the following:
- Download signed ActiveX controls
- Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins
- Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting

7. Under the Downloads section, select the ""Enable"" option for the following:
- File download

8. Click "OK".

Repeat the steps above for the "Trusted Sites" zone, which is selected in step 4 above. Ensure that Salesforce is a trusted site by clicking the Sites button and looking for https://* in the list. If needed, add https://* to the list.

9. Select the Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings box. The "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" check box should NOT be selected.

10. Click "OK".

Remember that you must have administrator permissions on your PC to download the ActiveX control. Even if you meet the above browser settings, you may still need your IT department to log in to your PC to download the ActiveX control.

If after verifying that you have administrator access to your PC you still have issues with the Mail Merge functionality, please log a case via the Support link.

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