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Why am I unable to select dates before last year in the date field calendar?

Knowledge Article Number 000003739

When I click into a date field, the calendar pop-up does not allow me to select dates before last year.


When you click into a date field, the calendar pop-up will display the past year, current year, and 5 years into the future. If you need to enter a date that cannot be selected from the calendar, simply type that date into the date field.

This is the expected behavior of the application, and may not be changed using native functionality. If you would like a change in this behavior to be considered for a future release, we encourage you to visit to promote the existing request for "Date Field Pop-Up Calendar / Date Picker"

We value each and every feature request submitted by our customers and make all efforts to include your request in future releases. There are no definite time frames for implementing these feature requests, but our teams are continuously looking for ways to improve the platform so we can provide such important functionality.

Note - There can be no date earlier than 1/1/1700. If you need the feature vote on this idea

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