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What does 'Sort by Ascending/Descending' do in a related list if the field is a picklist?

Knowledge Article Number 000003743

If the value you are sorting by in the related list is a picklist, why isn't it sorting it alphabetically?

The section is on the page layout editor, choose the related list, see the sorting order of the records in the related list. If it is being sorted by a picklist value, it may not show alphabetically. Why?


The reason for this is that it is sorting by 'Ascending', not alphabetically.

So, if the picklist values are ordered as:




... then they will order 'ascending' according to that order.

To resolve this, you order the values of the picklist alphabetically.

Warning: A field may have the order of the picklist values set according to a business reason or process. E.g. Status - Open, In Progess, Closed. Alphabetically, these would be in the order: Closed, In Progress, Open - which does not make sense logically for a process.

Go to the affected Picklist field within Setup. Click on the field name and click Reorder. Check  'Sort values alphabetically, not in the order entered. Values will be displayed alphabetically everywhere.' and click 'Save'.

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