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Salesforce for Outlook login issue Side Panel displays login page

Knowledge Article Number 000003748


Either user is unable to login to Salesforce via Salesforce for Outlook
SFO after entering the username and password.  

Behavior: User installs the SFO and tries to login, types in their username and password and click on the login button and the application take user back to the same blank login page

Sometimes user is able to login to Salesforce for Outlook but the Side Panel shows the login page inside the Side Panel window. This usually happens when user has had SFO installed but then changed the IE cookies settings to high

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The issue is likely that Cookies are blocked in Internet Explorer, even if the default web browser is not Internet Explorer.

Follow the below steps to enable “Cookies” in Internet Explorer for all web sites.

1- Close all Internet Explorer browser windows
2- Click on Start or Start | Run and type in  Inetcpl.cpl and press Enter


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3- Select the Privacy tab.
    * Ensure the slider is not set to “Block All Cookies”. You can click on the “Default” button


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Once completed, reopen Internet Explorer and then open Outlook and SFO and right click on SFO icon in the system tray and click on Settings, click on Change User and then re-enter your Salesforce credential and login.

This should resolve the issue and load Side Panel correctly



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