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How can I report on Private Contacts?

Knowledge Article Number 000003768

Private Contacts are Contacts without an associated Account. Only the owner of the contact, System Administrators, or users with View All for Contacts, or View All Data, can view it. The Standard Accounts and Contacts Report Type will not pull in these Contacts if you are not the Contact Owner.


For an Administrator to Report on Private Contacts which are owned by other users, you will first need to create a Custom Report Type that uses Contacts as the sole Object.

1. Create a Report Type on Contacts

a. Click Your Name | Setup | Create | Report Types 
b. Click New Custom report Type 
c. Set Primary Object as Contacts 
d. Enter the following: 
-Report Type Label 
-Report Type Name
e. Select Store in Category 
f. Under Deployment, choose Deployed if you want other internal users to utilize the custom report type
g. Click Next and Save 
2. Create the Contact Report using the Report Type created
a. Click on New Report 
b. Select the custom report type you created for Contacts 
c. Click Create 
d. Within the report builder page, set up the following: 
Show: All Contacts 
Date Field: Created Date 
Range: All time 
e. Add field you want as columns 
f.  Add filter: Account Name equals <leave this criteria blank>
g. Run Report and Save.

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