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How can I make tasks visible in the self-service portal?

Knowledge Article Number 000003801

How can I make activities, specifically tasks, visible in the self-service portal?


To make activities (emails, log a call) visible in the self-service portal, follow the instructions below.

1. Add the Case Activities related list to the View Cases page layout in the Self-Service portal.  To do this, go to:  

- Setup | App Setup | Customize | Self-Service | Self-SErvice Portal | Settings | View Cases Page | Page Layout.

- On the page layout edit page, click on the "related lists" option, and add the "Case Activities" related list to the page layout.

2. Set the field-level security to visible for the 'Visible in Self-Service' checkbox on activities.

To do this, go to: Setup | App Setup | Customize | Activities | Task Fields 

- click on the "Visible in Self-Service" field, and then on the "Set Field-Level Security" button to make this field visible to the appropriate users

3. Make sure the "Visible in Self-Service" field has also been added to the Task page layouts desired

Users who have access to this field, and want to make Task visible in the Self-Service portal, should populate the "Visible in Self-Service" checkbox when creating/editing tasks.

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