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Can I send HTML Email for campaigns?

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Is it possible to send HTML Email for campaigns?


It is possible to send HTML e-mail campaigns from Saleforce marketing automation product, through partnerships with e-mail marketing vendors.

Several Salesforce partners have integrated their solutions so that marketing users can seamlessly upload target lists from Salesforce's Campaigns.

Using Campaigns with our partner's services, you will be able to:

- create target lists for campaigns in Salesforce
- send an unlimited number of HTML- based e-mail to these lists
- report on the number of times each link in your e-mail was clicked
- track which e-mail ID's have bounced and subscribed
- and much more

The e-mail marketing functionality is designed to meet the needs of marketing professionals.

If you are interested in learning more about our Marketing Automation product and our e-mail marketing partners please contact your Salesforce Account Executive.  Additionally, you can also visit the AppExchange below, and do a search for "email marketing", and you should see a list of AppExchange partners that provide Email Marketing products:

Mass email is designed for small-scale sales and support mailings, not for marketing purposes. We recommend that you use a third-party email-execution vendor to send emails for marketing campaigns

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