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I am currently using the Contact Manager Salesforce Edition and would like to learn more about working with 


There are key points to take note of while using; be sure to read and understand what is available within the Contact Manager Edition

  • There is no Lead Object; therefore, records from cannot be imported as Leads.
  • From; when Contacts are imported, they must be associated to a specific Account 

Option 1: From the tab, Import Contacts directly into a Single Account

  • Search from upon the Import Contact Page, add a new Account for the Contact(s) to be associated to, or select an Existing Account

Option 2: Get Contacts from an Account

  • Navigate to an existing Account inside of Salesforce and use the 'Get Contacts' button to begin Prospecting 

Option 3: Export Contact Records into a .csv file. 

  • Users can assign specific Accounts to the records within the file and use the Import Wizard to add the records into Salesforce. 


See Guidelines for Exporting and Importing Records for more details

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