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Disable Email Change Verification

Knowledge Article Number 000003832

Available in:  All Editions

Email Change Verification is a feature that helps Salesforce prevent email fraud.  This makes the system more secure for all Salesforce customers by verifying that customers own the email address they're sending from. We realize some Organizations may want to disable this feature permanently, however, this is an important security feature and high risk de-activation that can only be temporarily disabled. 

We require a formal letter from a System Administrator or a Designated Contact and also a list of valid email domain names to make the change, which is outlined below. 

Note: Designated Contacts are only available for customers with a Premier or Premier Plus Success Plan. If you have not yet established a Designated Contact and you are a Premier customer then your System Administrators are considered "Designated Contacts."



To request Salesforce Support temporarily Disable the Email Change Verification

Already disabled Email Change Verification? If you just need to add additional Allowed Domains, follow the instructions in our Help Documentations instead of going through the below steps. 

1. Verify that the Organization where you want the feature to be disabled is on an edition where the feature is available.
2. Have a System Administrator to log a Case with Salesforce Support.
3. Please fill-out the case as follows: 

  • ​Mark as "Feature Activation" in the General Application Area.
  • For the Case description, please specify the Feature requested: Disable the Email Change Verification
  • Provide the Organization ID where you want the feature to be disabled (Navigate to SetupCompany ProfileCompany Information).
  • Be sure to confirm that you are the System Administrator (must be listed as such in the Organization) who can request this feature. 

4. Please attach a SIGNED letter  to the Case on a Company Letterhead with the following information:

  • A Specific request to disable "EMAIL CHANGE VERIFICATION" and stating the current situation.
  • The full USERNAME and Organization ID (Navigate to Setup | Company Profile | Company Information) associated to the specific instance(s).
  • A list of the email domains you'd like still allowed for user email addresses. (Your company should own these allowed domains, which ensures that users cannot send an email from the Salesforce system as a different user, something known as "email spoofing." For example, if you provide us with and, then your users would be allowed to change their email to and However, would be rejected because "" is not allowed.) 
  • Do you own the domain(s) you are requesting to add? If not, please have the owner of the Domain also provide a signed letter of consent to have this added to your allowed domain list.
  • What is the Case number you opened with Salesforce support?
  • A System Administrator or Designated Contact's signature along with their title and contact information (Phone number, email).
  • Please specify if this letter should be a blanket approval, good for each time the sandbox is refreshed (Only needed for sandboxes where this is not disabled in production).

For faster processing, please Scan/Email the letter to the Salesforce Support Representative working with you. Or, fax to (415) 592-3583 and update the Salesforce Support Representative.

5. Our Support Team and the Legal Team will review the case and validate the request and make the proper changes.  Once complete, we will update you with a confirmation.



  • This only applies to EMAIL changes on the user record.  When USERNAMES are changed, there is no feature available to disable the username change notifications.
  • This does not remove the verification requirement for Organization-Wide Addresses or any other email verification other than user record email changes.
  • This feature does not have any effect on Portal or Community users and does not prevent creating these users with other domains.
  • A letter is not needed to re-activate email verification or to remove domain names.
  • If you have multiple Sandboxes and you do not wish to disable email change verification in Production, you will be required to activate it every time you refresh your Sandboxes.  Please make note of this as this will require management approval and you will need to specify that this is a blanket approval letter (see number 4 above, point 7).
  • A new letter of approval is required each time a new request is made for an Organization. We cannot use an older letter from a previously addressed Case. This is solely for security purposes and to ensure the letter properly references the updated details for the request. 
  • Email verifications work on the user by way of the email address field on the user record, as well as the Return Address field under the user's personal "Email Settings." If verifications are turned off, neither of these changes will send the verification. 

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