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Why am I getting an email delivery error message when reassigning leads or contacts?

Knowledge Article Number 000003845

When I reassign a contact or lead, I receive an error about undeliverable message.


Salesforce sends email from several different IP addresses. If your organization blocks any of these IP addresses, users might not receive all email sent from Salesforce.

To verify your organization can receive email from every Salesforce IP address:
  1. Click Setup | Administration Setup | Email Administration | Test Deliverability.
  2. Enter your business email address.
  3. Click Send. Salesforce simultaneously sends a test message from all IP addresses to your business email address. Each test message specifies the IP address from which it was sent.
  4. Check your business email account to make sure it received all test messages.

If you do not receive the test messages, your organization's email administrator must whitelist the Salesforce IP ranges on your organization's email server. Please see our What are the Salesforce network IP addresses that I need to whitelist? article for the IP addresses to whitelist.

If you have administrator rights, you can generate the email logs to determine if there was a delivery failure, and what the error message was. Use the following article to generate and understand the email logs: What Are Email Logs? and Viewing Email Logs

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