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Salesforce for Outlook field mapping does not work

Knowledge Article Number 000003855
Description ISSUE
Salesforce for Outlook does not synchronize the data between custom fields.

Salesforce for Outlook field mapping is still a work in progress and there are several fields such as NickName, HomeAddress, and all other low level fields in Outlook are not supported 

Also keep in mind that custom field mappings can only be performed between two text fields of similar length or to a Salesforce simple picklist.

Mapping an entire address-type field would not be possible without the workaround you mentioned.

More information here 

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Currently this is a limitation with Salesforce for Outlook. It doesn't include the low-level definition of the Home Address fields so it tries to set them as custom properties, rather than using the standard ones. So the sync process is unable to populate the data

The only standard fields that are mappable are the ones listed in the mapping picklist in the Setup | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations.


You would need to create a custom field in Outlook and map that to a standard or custom field in Salesforce under Setup | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations.


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