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Why are emails added via Salesforce for Outlook saving the body as 'null'?

Knowledge Article Number 000003894


The user may notice that when performing an 'Add Email' or 'Send and Add' via Salesforce For Outlook, the email body will display as 'null' in the My Unresolved Item section within the Email Tab. 

This behavior is currently working as designed.


This is due to the fact that the outbound email is stripped of the 'Content-Type: text/plain' section.

Typically, an email will contain two sections: 

Content-Type: text/plain 

Content-Type: text/html 

In the case where logs the emails with a 'null' value as the body/content, the email only contains one of the two sections: 

Content-Type: text/html 

The way all of our 'inbound email services' (Email to Case, Email to Salesforce, etc) work is based off of the "Content-Type: text/plain;" version. If the section is missing, the system will report a 'Null' body (As the system does not parse through the HTML version currently)


Have the email administrator check the email client to see if it is setup to send 'HTML Only', and have them change to HTML & TEXT (Most clients have a configuration setting similar to this). 

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