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Changes to decimal places in a field definition will add an entry to field history tracking when editing the record

Knowledge Article Number 000003898

When changing the number of decimal places in a field definition, the field history tracking will add an entry upon saving a record, regardless of whether the user made a change to the actual field.


For example, if you set an exchange rate (number) field to 1.00014444, change the field definition to use 4 decimal places, then view the record detail, it will be displayed as 1.001 on the record detail, but the actual value is still 1.00014444. If you then edit the record, the actual value is truncated to 1.0001 on save, and a field history entry is logged. This could be confusing to someone who did not make a change specifically to this field but encounters a change to both the field and an entry in the history tracking related list.

This is expected behavior. Once the record is updated, the correct number of decimal places will be displayed and historical entries will be logged based on the change.

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