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How can I check the HTML Tracking statistics for emails not sent by me?

Knowledge Article Number 000003909

Using the Salesforce application, emails sent in the html format can be tracked as to when they were first opened and how many times they were opened since they were originally sent.

Many of our customers would like to be able to track the status of emails sent by others. Currently, this ability is unavailable due to a technical restriction.


Instead of reporting on the statistics of another user directly, you can instead display these results within a dashboard where that user is the running user. As the dashboard will run and retrieve the results based on the running user's access levels the statistics displayed for the dashboard component will be theirs.


In order to do this.

1. Create your report ensuring that you set all of your filter criteria appropriately.

2. Create or Edit a dashboard

3. Create a new custom component using the original report using an HTML Email Status report as the source.

4. Set the Dashboard's running user to the user you would like to see the statistics of.

5. Save the dashboard. 


Now you will see the dashboard refresh. Once completed, the statistics will be those of the running user thereby granting you visibility. Feel free to additionally customize the source report as needed until you achieve your desired results.


**Please remember that if you click into the report, the results will be based on your visibility which will likely not align with the results displayed in the dashboard.

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