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What is the difference between mass email and email marketing?

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What is the difference between mass email and email marketing?


The "mass email" functionality provided within Salesforce is designed to enable sales reps to mass communicate with their customer base. For example, if a sales rep can email all their contacts in Alabama to let them know that they will be at a conference in Birmingham next week.

The "mass email" feature is not intended to provide the email campaign functionality for marketing professionals. Marketing professionals need the ability to manage a library of HTML templates and send emails to thousands of names for each campaign.  ** Note, the distinction between mass emailing and marketing emailing is not a 'number of email limit' but rather the intention of the email.  A communication made by a Sales Rep to customers to advise of arrangements vs. An email to sell a new product line. has partnered with several companies that provide email marketing execution. These partners have created AppExchange Apps that are completely integrated with Salesforce's Campaign Management module. This allows marketing teams to centrally manage and execute HTML email campaigns and track the responses back into so that marketing can track the # of qualified leads and ROI for their email campaigns.

For a list of partner applications please visit the AppExchange and select Mass Emails under the Marketing Category, or follow this link -

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