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Examples of Reporting Snapshots

Knowledge Article Number 000003922
Description How can the total number of days a user has logged in be seen and not the amount of times per day?

The login reports come from the Login History section of a users Personal Information.  It shows each time the user has logged in, sometimes multiple times in a day.  To avoid showing how many times a user logs in per day, then you'll need to create an analytic snapshot

Step 1:
Create a new report using the "Users" report type located in the Administrative category.  Then use the following on this new report:
-Group by Username and then Login Date/time (Historical)
-Time Frame = Login Date/time (Historical) - Yesterday
-Save this report


Step 2:

Create a Custom Object by navigating to Setup > Create > Objects.  Enable reports and create the fields: Username, Login Date/Time


Step 3:

Create a Reporting Snapshot by navigating to Setup > Data Management > Snapshot.  Map fields from the custom object to the report you just created based on the secondary grouping of Login Date/time. Have the snapshot run every day.


Resulting Report:

Once the reporting snapshot has run you can create the report off of the custom object you created.

You may choose your time frame, however, the data will only be as historical as the first day you started the snapshot.

*Note your results will be one day behind. You may, if you wish, have the very first snapshot run based on the last 6 months of login history, this way, your historical data will go back far enough for you to report on. Just remember to change the time frame back to yesterday after the first run.

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