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Add up to 4 columns to a Dashboard Table

Knowledge Article Number 000003933

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed: “Run Reports” AND “Manage Dashboards”

Review the instructions below to learn how to add up to 4 columns to your dashboard table.

Important: Please be sure that you complete steps 1-11 before you proceed to the Dashboard steps.  

Customize Your Report 

Quick Tip: Your report must have a summary for each extra column you want to add. E.g. Summarize the report on Opportunity Owner and Region and then Summarize the fields, Percentage and Average Age. 

      1. Click Customize or Edit on your source report to enter the report builder.
      2. If your report already includes a chart, click 
Edit Chart. Otherwise click Add Chart. This chart is needed to trigger the dashboard column table feature.
      3. Select Vertical Bar Chart (the second graph option) as your chart type.
      4. Set 
Y-Axis to the first value you wish to display (e.g. Record Count).
      5. Set X-Axis to the appropriate grouping value (e.g. Account Name).
      6. Select 
Plot Additional Values in the Combination Charts section.
      7. Set 
Display to Line.
      8. Set 
Value to the other value you wish to display (e.g. Average Aging Days).
      9. Select 
Use Second Axis.
     10. Click 
     11. Verify the chart displays the correct values and click 

Add Columns To The Dashboard Table


      1. Go to the dashboard and click on Edit
      2. Click the Wrench icon for the appropriate table to edit its attributes.  The Component Editor pops up.
      3. Click the 
Formatting tab (if not already selected).
      5. Ensure that 
Column 1 is your grouping value (e.g. Opportunity Owner).
      6. Set 
Column 2 to one of the two values you wish to display (e.g. Region).
      7. Set 
Column 3 and/or 4 to the other value you wish to display (e.g. Average Age, Percentage).
      8. Click 
      9. Verify the table displays the correct values and click 


You can have the following combinations:
  • Only fields that are grouped or summarized can be displayed. 
  • 2 grouped fields and 1 number.
  • 2 grouped fields and 2 numbers.
  • 1 grouped field 2 numbers.
  • 1 grouped field and 3 numbers (Although you can do one grouping and three summaries, not all the summaries may be added).

It's not possible to have:
  • 3 grouped fields and 1 number.
  • Sort by 2nd grouping.
  • You can have either Numbers, Currency, or Percentages, bot not a combination of these (To show percentages together with numbers, have them as numbers in your Report (eg 0.15 for 15%), and on the Dashboard Component format them as percentage)

​Note: Customized tables will allow null values in the results. The default two-column tables do not.

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