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Currency fields display a different default currency than specified

Knowledge Article Number 000004023
With Multiple Currencies enabled, there is a currency field on Page Layouts that is only displayed when a record is in "edit" view. This is because you can set a "default currency" for the record, which is separate from the Corporate Currency that was set for the Organization as a whole. 

Change the Currency on the Record

When you are in "edit" mode for your record's Page Layout, you'll notice a picklist field of all available currencies.  The value selected will be set as the default currency for the record. Currency fields for the record will display in the selected currency with the Corporate Currency displayed in parentheses.

Good to know: If the default currency picklist field is hidden on the Page Layout, the record's default currency will be set to whichever currency is set as default on the record creator's User record. To change it, the currency field must be made visible on the Page Layout of the respective Object.

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