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How to fix an Activity List View that errors out?

Knowledge Article Number 000004039

If an Activity List View with too broad of criteria, it might time out and the following error results:

"Time Limit Exceeded"

The resolution below applies if:
1. You are unable to find out which List View is causing the error or edit or delete the view.

2. You are also unable to access any other of your list views


You can use the following steps to get to the edit page of the List View to modify or delete it:

1) Run the list view and wait for the time out error message

2) In the error message body, the following will result that looks something like this:

"Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation: select /*ReportActivity.runSharingModelStage1*/ * from (select /*ActivityFilter 00BD000000686AF*/ "WHO_ID", "WHAT_ID", "te.ID"

3) From that error message, copy the ID: 00BD000000686AF

4) Then Paste the ID into the default Edit URL as shown here:

https://<server><view ID>

5) When in the edit page mode, the list view can be modified or deleted.

Repeat these steps for all the Activities List views that needs modification or deletion.

Note: In the default URL above, the server name needs to be replaced by the server you are one.  For example, replace "eu1" with "na6".

Also see this article as another method to resolve this issue:
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