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How can I know what template I used for the mass email by looking at the activity history?

Knowledge Article Number 000004047
Description When you send an email, it creates an activity under the record's "Activity History" related list. But the subject is "Mass Email: ". You can add a specific title by going to the template (Administration Setup  |Communication Templates | Email Templates) and introduce a description.
Resolution When you mass email contacts, it just shows an activity with subject Mass email and no comments. However, you could edit the template used for mass email (Administration Setup Communication Templates Email Templates) and introduce text in the description field. In this case, you will see Mass email whatever_you_wrote_in_the_template_description in the contact activity history related list.

In this case, you will be able to run an activities report using the following criteria Subject contains  Mass email whatever_you_wrote_in_the_template_description.

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