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Why do I see only one picklist value when editing the status of a contract?

Knowledge Article Number 000004063
Description We have multiple picklist values available for Contract Object but I can only see one value (Draft) when editing the status of a contract. Why?
Resolution The picklist values for the status field in contracts are tied to the status category in which they are related.

Salesforce has three status categories for Contract object:
  • Draft: Used when the Contract is getting Created
  • Activated: Click on Activate button to get into this category
  • In Approval Process:  Available on clicking Submit for Approval Button and used in conjunction with Approval Process 
For a description of all the contract fields, including the status,  please click here

The only picklist values that are visible, when editing a contract, are the values that have been created and associated to the status category that the contract is currently in.

To create new picklist values, and associate those values to a status category, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to: Setup | Customize | Contracts | Fields.
  2. Click on the Status field.
  3. Click on the "New" button, enter the new Contract Status and select the appropriate Status Category for this value.
  4. Click "Save".

This new value will now appear in the picklist when a contract is in the status category associated with this new value.

Few things to remember:

  • The Contract Status Category (Draft, Activated, In Approval Process) cannot be edited. But new picklist values can be added for each category.
  • If you cannot see Submit for Approval button, you need to add the same to the Page Layout assigned to the affected user(s).
  • If there is no Approval Process created on Contract Object, you would get an error "Unable to Submit for Approval. This record does not meet the entry criteria or initial submitters of any active approval processes...". For assistance on creating an Approval Process, click Creating Approval Processes
  • Activating a contract changes the contract status to Activated and makes the contract read-only.

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