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Can I subscribe users to follow a record in Chatter using the Apex Data Loader?

Knowledge Article Number 000004091
Description I want to automatically subscribe users to follow records in Chatter, how can I do this?
Resolution The Object that contains subscription information is named EntitySubscription. This contains a list of record Id's and the user Id's that are subscribed or following that record.

An administrator can use the Apex Data Loader to subscribe users to a record using this EntitySubscription Object.

  1. Create a csv file with the following column headings: PARENTID and SUBSCRIBERID
  2. Enter the Id of the record to be followed into the PARENTID column (This could be a user Id, an account Id a contact Id and so on.)
  3. Enter the User Id into the SUBSCRIBERID column
  4. Run an Insert on the EntitySubscription Object and choose the csv file you created above.
  5. Click Create or Edit a Map and Map to Salesforce fields.
  6. Select the directory where the success and error files should be saved
  7. Click Finish and Yes at the prompt to proceed.

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