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Problem sending email from Salesforce - SPAM

Knowledge Article Number 000004098

We are having problem sending email from Salesforce and they end up as SPAM in our email accounts and with our customers.


If your company's email server is configured with a security filter, it is possible that it can interfere with the delivery of emails from the Salesforce application when an administrator reset passwords or creates a new user and send them password information. A typical error might be:

553 FROM address from sending host is invalid.

This problem occurs because the user's e-mail (SMTP) server has a security (i.e. spam) filter set. This setting prevents delivery of e-mail FROM a user that also exists on the recipient user's e-mail server. Since our application sends the following e-mails FROM the user, their e-mail server will intercept them and the user will get various errors such as the above or "Returned mail: Data format error" and won't receive the e-mail at all.

Affected Emails:
- New user email (not sign-up, just new user creation)
- Email sent when Password reset by Admin of Organization
- Emails to a Contact/Lead from within the application where the users themselves are CC'd or BCC'd on the e-mail.
(NOTE: In this case, the email will successfully be delivered to the contact/lead recipient; just the copy to the sender will fail.)

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to circumvent these types of security measures, so the user should relay the following information to their e-mail administrator in order for e-mail from our application to be delivered to them properly:

1. Confirm that this is the problem (see below for how to do this).

2. Have your email administrator or IT department whitelist Salesforce's IP address space

IP addresses are located here: Testing Deliverability

A typical concern is whether our SMTP server has been protected from relaying. The answer is yes since's SMTP server isn't available for incoming SMTP traffic from the web, therefore we are protected.

Tips for the e-mail server admin:
To confirm that this is the problem, the user should ask their IT system administrator to telnet to their own SMTP server and set the "from" to one of their own e-mail addresses. If this indeed the problem, then they will get an error message; likewise, If they set the "from" to an address outside their mail system, there will be no error. Once they have confirmed this, they should add the above addresses as trusted servers (otherwise known as whitelisting).

For example:
telnet 25
mail from:
553 FROM address from sending host is invalid
telnet 25
mail from:
250 from okay

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