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Owner Role displays empty or blank in Reports

Knowledge Article Number 000004108

If the "Role Name as displayed on reports" field within the Role Hierarchy setup is empty, "Role Name" will display as empty or blank in your reports. Here's how to fix it:



Manually update the "Role Name" field

1. Click Setup | select Manage Users | Roles.
2. Click Edit next to the Role Name
3. Update the "Role Name as displayed on reports" field
4. Click Save


Bulk update multiple "Role Name" fields (Admins only)

Using the Data Loader on the Role (UserRole) object, edit the field values under "RollupDescription."

1. Run an Export from the Role object.
2. Enter SELECT Id, Name, RollupDescription FROM UserRole
3. Edit the .csv file by changing the value of the field 'ROLLUPDESCRIPTION'.
4. Run an Update on the Role object and choose the .csv file you edited above.

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