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How can I manually share a record with another user or a partner user?

Knowledge Article Number 000004148
Description Can you tell me how can I manually share a record with another user or a partner user?
  1. Click Sharing on the record you want to share.
  2. Click Add.
  3. From the drop-down list, select the type of group, user, role, or territory to add.
  4. Choose the specific groups, users, roles, or territories requiring access by adding the names to the New Sharing list.
  5. Choose the access level for the record you are sharing and any associated records that you own. For example, if you are sharing an account, specify the level of access the selected user should have to the associated contact, opportunity, and case records you own.
  6. When sharing a forecast, select Submit Allowed to enable the user, group, or role to submit the forecast.
  7. Select the reason for the share to allow users and administrators to understand the source of the sharing. For more information on sharing reasons, see Creating Apex Sharing Reasons.
  8. Click Save.
Please note the following two considerations:
  • To share records from the record detail pages you would need: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer Editions.
  • You can’t share a record with another user unless that user has the “Read” permission on the target object.
More about Sharing Records: Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Leads or Custom Objects.

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