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Why can't a system administrator report on all the activities?

Knowledge Article Number 000004181

I am the system administrator for my company but when I run an activity report I am unable to see activities opened by other users. 


For the activity reports, the role hierarchy trumps the ability of the system administrator to view all records.

To report on all the activities, ensure the Role hierarchy is set up where a role is above all other roles.  For example create a CEO role above the Executive and President.

In addition, when running an activity report, ensure the highest role (for example CEO) in the report's role hierarchy is selected.  When clicking on Save on the report, select the checkbox "Save Hierarchy Level", if you want the report to save the hierarchy that you last viewed.

Also, keep in mind that activity records created over 365 days ago are archived in the application and are not reportable.  To increase the Archive Days to more than a year past, please contact Salesforce Support to request this feature.  Typically going beyond 3 years is not recommended as the activity reports might timeout if there are too many records to query.

Please see the below article for more information:

Increasing Archive Days for your Organization

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