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Why is the email to case generating new cases from reply emails?

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aWhy is the email to case generating new cases from reply emails?

When thread ID is missing in emails sent from cases, the response email will reach without thread ID too
Without the thread ID the Salesforce system does not understand to which case this email is related to
Hence the system treats it as a new email and creates new case

To resolve this you need to insert thread ID merge field for auto-response emails in Email-to-Case
Organizations that have access to the email-to-case feature can create an auto-response template which includes the unique identifier used to track email-to-case threads. These changes must be made by System Administrators.

1. Create a template. Click on:

Setup | Administration Setup | communication Template | Email Templates.

2. When selecting merge fields to include choose "Case Fields / Case Thread Id". Insert the field in the subject and body of the message.

3. Use the newly created template for email-to-case generated cases auto-response rules. To do this click on:

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Cases | Auto-Response Rules.

For other possible causes of why response emails to cases create a new case reference the following article: 

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