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Email to case generating new cases from reply emails

Knowledge Article Number 000004218

When the Thread ID is missing in emails sent from cases, the response email will come back without the thread ID too. Without the Thread ID, the Salesforce system can't determine which case the email is related to, so the system treats it as a new email and creates a new case.

To fix the issue, insert a Thread ID merge field for auto-response emails in Email-to-Case.


Create auto-response template with unique identifier


NOTE: These changes must be made by System Administrators

1. Create a template.

A. Click Setup.
B. Under "Administration Setup," click Communication Template | click Email Templates.

2. When selecting merge fields to include pick, "Case Fields / Case Thread Id". Insert the field in the subject and body of the message. Read our documentation to get more information about Merge Fields
3. Use the newly created template for email-to-case generated cases auto-response rules. 

A. Click Setup.
B. Under "Build," click Customize | then click Cases | Case Auto-Response Rules.


For other possible causes of why response emails to cases create a new case, read our help article about email to creating duplicate cases

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