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Import and Export with Leading Zeros for Zip Codes or plus signs "+" for Mobile Number fields for SMS based Identity Confirmation

Knowledge Article Number 000004225

When exporting to excel or importing to Salesforce using a .CSV, why are the zip codes missing the leading '0'? Also, When importing properly formatted numbers for phone fields, why will it not let me save the + in the cell?


When exporting/importing your mailing list into a .CSV file, the zip codes that begin with a "zero" will appear as a four digit number (i.e. "01234" would export/import as "1234").

You can correct this formatting within Excel using two different methods.

1a. Select the entire Zip Code column from within Excel.
1b. Select the menu option Format -> Cells...
1c. Select the Number tab, and click on the category called "Special".
1d. You can then select the type Zip Code or Zip Code + 4, and then click OK.

The other method is
2. To put an apostrophe in front of the 0 or + sign for phone number fields.

So, when you view the cell it would look like this: '01234 OR '+1 1112223333

Be sure to save the changes to your .CSV file.

NOTE: If you reopen the saved .CSV file in Excel, the formatting is not preserved. Opening in Notepad preserves the formatting. Save the formatting of the zip code for your last step when importing records. If you do not reopen the .CSV file in Excel before importing, the zip codes are imported with the appropriate leading zeroes.

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