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What is my username?

Knowledge Article Number 000004229

Sometimes a person cannot log in since they do not know their username and do not know where to find it.


You can contact your System Administrator to find out what your username is.


A username is in the form of an email address. This does not mean that it has to be a real email address, although using a real email address is a best practice.




 Email Address: (real email address)

 Userid: (email address format, does not need to be a real email address)


All usernames are unique for all users. If another company uses the same email as you do, you will need to create a different one. You can use the same email address as many times as you wish, but not the same username more than once. So for instance System Administrators can have multiple users and they can keep their email address but have many different Userids.

Salesforce sends an automated email when a username is created for the first time, unless the System Administrator uncheck the “Generate new password and notify user immediately”. This email includes the username and a temporary password.

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