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How to determine old reports and dashboards for deletion?

Knowledge Article Number 000004237

To locate which reports and/or dashboards are inactive, please review the following:

To determine which reports were last used, a report on "report's" Last Run field provides this information.

To determine which dashboards were last used, the dashboard's "refresh" date indicates the last time a dashboard was used, however, "refresh" is not reportable.


To locate reports and/or dashboards deemed inactive, create a custom report type with the following:

1.  Navigate to setup > create > report types.  Create a report type with Reports as the primary object and dashboard components as the child object.  Name it "Reports WITH OR WITHOUT Dashboards".

2.  Create a new report using this new report type.  Include the "Last Run" field.  Run this report.

3.  Then sort on the dashboard name (Title) column to separate the reports not attached to dashboards.  Finally, observe the last run date of the reports.  If the dashboard's reports do not show a current last run date, then you can assume this dashboard has not been "refreshed".  Refresh triggers the report's "last run".


Note:  Mass delete is possible via API using Eclipse IDE.

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