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I cannot edit another user's quota, why?

Knowledge Article Number 000004241

This information applies to Customizable Forecasting and not Collaborative Forecasts.

I cannot edit another user's quota, why?


Although a user might be above another user in the role hierarchy as well as the forecast hierarchy, one of the following must be true to be able to edit and change another user's quota:

1. User is a System Administrator.

2. User has 'Modify All Data' permission in profile.

3. User is a Forecast Manager in the forecast hierarchy for their role.

("Their" meaning the person doing the action)

4. Editing a Quota can only be accomplished for your Direct Reports, which means it is available only for the group of Users that directly report to you via the hierarchy. If you have multiple Roles that roll up to you, please keep in mind, only those that directly report to you will have their Quotas visible for you to modify.  

NOTE: Only one user can be assigned as Forecast Manager for a given role.

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