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How can I mass update a field with a blank or null value?

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How can I mass update a field with a blank / null value?


Using the Data Loader you can update fields in records with a blank value. Go to Settings and check "Insert null values" prior to updating your records.

IMPORTANT! Remember to uncheck the "Insert null values" setting for subsequent imports.

It is not possible to update a field with a blank value using the Import Wizard. The existing value in the field will not be changed using the Import Wizard.

*Please make note if you do not have Data Loader installed please read the documentation "Installing Data Loader".
Considerations for Installing Data Loader​

Also note the following:

Available in: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Editions


User Permissions Needed
To access the page to download Data Loader:“Modify All Data”
To use Data Loader:The appropriate user permission for the operation you are doing, for example, “Create” on accounts to insert new accounts

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