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Mobile device connection via WiFi network not working when trying to access Salesforce Classic or Salesforce1 / Chatter Mobile

Knowledge Article Number 000004309

Supported iOS and Android devices do have the ability to utilize a WiFi Connection. When WiFi is being used to access Salesforce Classic or Salesforce1 / Chatter Mobile, from time to time, the device may lose the connection via the WiFi network. Users may also notice that depending on the security of the local network (WEP or otherwise encrypted), that their mobile activation may not go through or be restricted.



It's important to note which WiFi network you are using or attempting to use. If you are having problems attempting to utilize WiFi connections to gain access to any of the mobile applications, it's suggested that activation be attempted utilizing the carrier wireless connection.

NOTE:  If your device does not have access to a carrier connection, please attempt to utilize another unrestricted WiFi network (home or other public WiFi ).

In addition, the Salesforce Classic application communicates in a couple of different ways and you can provide the details to your local network team: 
- PORT 443: for HTTPS communication. Initial activation, Dashboards and Visual Force pages 
- PORT 4309 (TCP): for other Salesforce Classic communication, where we provide our own proprietary encryption 
So, the mobile application should be able to access and on port 4309 (general data communication) and the entire domain (including the previously listed links) on port 443 (Initial activation, Dashboards and Visual Force pages).

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