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What to check before a User leaves your Organization or Company

Knowledge Article Number 000004312
When a Standard User or System Administrator leaves your Organization or Company, there are some standard items you can check to be sure the Organization is in order for the current Users or ready for a new System Admin. For example, a System Administrator may be the "Running User" for a Dashboard that your Organization regularly views, or they may have set themselves as the "Default Workflow User." 

You can update most of these configurations and permissions, using the table below. 

Checklist by Object and Category





Auto Response Rules-


Workflows and Approvals

  • User in the Criteria
  • Does the Field Update, update to the Username
  • Task Assigned to the User
  • Email Sent to the User
  • In an Approval Process/Approver/Delegated Approver
  • Default Workflow User



Record Owner

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Case
  • Opportunity
  • Campaign
  • Contract
  • Custom Objects



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