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Extended Mail Merge

Knowledge Article Number 000004318

Available: All Editions

Mail merge allows you to create word documents where document is tailored to the recipient as though they were sent separately. This is done through mail merge templates which are Microsoft Word documents that contain merge fields. These fields pull in data from Salesforce records thus allowing to you personalize the email you are sending to multiple recipients in one go.

There are two types: Standard Mail Merge and Extended Mail Merge (available by request at no cost and can be enabled by Salesforce).


Considerations before requesting Mail Merge

1.  Mail merge documents give you access only to the fields that are accessible to you via your Page Layout and Field-level Security settings. Please note that Field-level security is only available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.
2.  The support for Standard Mail Merge will retire and may not work when Salesforce disables TLS 1.0. Users are strongly encouraged to transition to Extended Mail Merge which supports TLS 1.1.
3.  Standard and Extended Mail Merge don't support formatting from rich text area fields.    
4.  What to do when you encounter Unsupported browser for Mail Merge while on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 using Office 2010, Office 2013 or Office 2016.
5. Mail Merge (Standard or Extended) is not supported in Lightning Experience.

Standard Mail Merge vs Extended Mail Merge

How does it run?It's processed on the client side which means you have to install an Active X Plug-in into your browser.It's processed on the server side which means no Active X installation is required.
(We just activate it for you. To do so, Create a case with Salesforce Customer Support
to Enable Extended Mail Merge)
MS OfficeNot compatible with MS Office 2010 or above. Works with MS Office 2003, 2007, and 2010  (Mail Merge Template document must be in a 97-2003 DOC format).
BrowserOnly works on Internet ExplorerAll supported by Salesforce (see Supported Browsers for Salesforce Classic)
OS VersionNot compatible with Windows 7 or above but still might work if Office 2003 or 2007 is usedWorks with any Windows version and also supports Apple Mac OS X.


Additional Extended Mail Merge capabilities 


1.  Allows envelopes and labels.
2.  Sends the generated Mail Merge Word Doc out in email to the user who initiates the merge (does not open automatically like Standard Mail Merge).
3.  Allows an option to copy generated Mail Merge Word Doc into the Documents tab of your Salesforce Org.
4.  Allows multiple items per merge request.
5.  Limits to a mail merge operation with Extended Mail Merge, a mail merge operation cannot exceed the following limits: ​
  • 1000 records.
  • The selected mail merge template(s) total size cannot be larger than 1 MB.
  • For mass mail merges, the number of selected records multiplied by the combined sizes of the selected mail merge templates can’t be larger than 50 MB.

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