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Why does my page layout look so wide?

Knowledge Article Number 000004334

From time to time, users may come across pages in the user interface that appears wider than normal. This makes it necessary to scroll left and right to see items on the left and right side of the screen (i.e. horizontal scrolling)


Below is a list of something that can cause horizontal scrolling on UI pages in the application:

1) A large number of tabs display in a custom/standard app.  You can control the number of tabs by clicking on the little "+" sign to the right of the tabs.  The more tabs displayed the wider the page will be.  The number of tabs displayed is also determined by the App you have selected in the top right corner.  By only showing tabs related to the Application you can prevent the page layout from getting too wide.

Further information on apps can be found below:

What is an App?

2) Another cause for wider page layouts are long unwrapped text strings (i.e. long text strings without spaces)

For example, a case comment that's extra long without any spaces will try to extend to the length of the longest text string.  Try to use spaces and new lines in these text area fields to avoid long page widths.

Note - This behavior might vary depending on the browser type. Example: A long text string, without spaces, but with punctuation, will wrap around in Chrome but not in Firefox

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