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Why do I get error message Page layout and language is used for executive opportunity alerts?

Knowledge Article Number 000004337

When trying to deactivate a user the error message below is displayed:


User's page layout and language used by Executive Opportunity Alerts.

This user's page layout and language settings are applied to all Executive Opportunity Alerts. This user must be an active user with the 'View All Data' permission. Before changing the user settings or profile, select a different user for Executive Opportunity Alerts.


This particular error message is displayed because the user you are trying to deactivate is setup in the Big Deal Alerts for your organization.  Before you can deactivate this user, you must replace this user in your Big Deal Alert settings.  To do this, follow the click-path below:

Your Name | Setup | App Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Big Deal Alert | Edit | Replace the user in the "Use Page Layout and Language From" field | Save.

Once the steps above are done, you should then be able to deactivate the desired user.


Further information on the Big Deal Alert feature can be found here.

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