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Why do I see records on Salesfore Classic that are not included in my data set?

Knowledge Article Number 000004338

Some records may appear on a users Salesforce Classic that are not directly part of the defined data set


This can cause users to ask why are they seeing things on their mobile device that they do not think they should see. This can be attributed to a few scenarios.

1. Records that are related to records in the users data set that are useful for reference are also passed to the users mobile device as a "Courtesy Update".  For example: if a users data set consists of Events for TODAY only and other records such as Accounts and Contacts are mobilized the user may see an Account on the Device that doesn't meet the data set criteria as it may be related to one of the Events for today.  This spidering concept can bring in records from other objects that extend to 3 levels from the record that is actually part of the data set.

2. Records can also get on to a users device if they are not part of the users data set if the user has searched on the record on the mobile device.  Once a record has been found by searching and then opening from the mobile device this becomes a "mobile marked" record and is included in the users data set until remove by the user.  Users can remove mobile marked records from the mobile device by navigating to System Info | Forget Search Results and selecting Yes when prompted to confirm if the user is sure they want to clear the records.

3. The "Mobilize Recent Items checkbox" will load records on the mobile device that are in the users Recent Items in the application.

4. "Mobilize Followed Records" can also cause records to be placed on the users device that are not part of the user data set. This setting automatically synchronizes records users are following in Chatter to their mobile device. The device only synchronizes followed records for objects included in the mobile configuration's data set.

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