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How to register DLL's manually while installing Salesforce for outlook plugin

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We come across this issue several times where the user has installed the Salesforce plugin for outlook but it does not show up or gives an error when they open Outlook. This can happen due to the DLL's not being registered properly and you need to manually re-register them

Applies to:

Salesforce for Outlook



A DLL file, a dynamic link library (DLL), is a collection of small programs, which can be called upon when needed by the executable program (such as Connect for Microsoft Outlook) that is running. The DLL lets the executable communicate with a specific device or application such as a Microsoft Outlook or may contain source code to do particular functions such as adding emails, sync, and etc. The necessary DLL files for Salesforce for Outlook are registered during the installation of the application but sometimes these DLLs failed to register in the system (Microsoft Windows) and need to be registered manually.

There are several ways to re-register a DLL file, the easiest way is using the Command (DOS) prompt. You would need to have Local admin permission to make sure you are able to register these DLLs otherwise you may receive error messages such as “DllRegisterServer in filename.dll fails. Return code was: 0x8002801c or such”

You can locate the Command Prompt in the Start | All Programs | Accessories

** To run it as Administrator, right click on it and then click on Run as Administrator


Before you start this process, make sure Microsoft Outlook is closed and the process is not running in the background. You must have Local Admin rights on the PC if you are registering the files that are located in the Program files folder (SFO 2.4 and older and SFO 2.8 installation with Everyone option):


You can run this command first to end Outlook process in case you are not sure if its running. Simply type in the following and press Enter. If outlook is not running, you will get a message that the Outlook.exe cannot be found

Taskkill /F /IM Outlook.exe

Alert icon In Windows 7 or later editions, you may have to run this command from the Command Prompt running as Admin. See below


In Windows 7/8.x and Windows 10:

Simply right click on the Command prompt and select “Run as Administrator


**For Salesforce for Outlook **

In the Command prompt type in each command below or copy/paste each line one at a time:

Depending on the bitness of your Microsoft Office you may have either the SfdcRdm.dll (32bit version) or SfdcRdm64.dll (the 64bit version) of the DLL in your Salesforce for Outlook installation folder, but only one must exist. For instance, if you are running a 32bit version of Outlook you need to register the SfdcRdm.dll file 


regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\\Salesforce for Outlook\SfdcRdm.dll”
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\\Salesforce for Outlook\SfdcRdm.dll”


For SFO Version 2.5.0 through 2.7.x

- Type in   CD\    and press Enter
- Type in  CD  %Appdata%\\salesforce for Outlook

The prompt will change to 

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\\Salesforce for Outlook>

-Type in regsvr32 SfdcRdm.dll and press Enter

If this command fails, you can type in DIR sfdc*.dll and press Enter to see a list of files that their names start with sfdc and with the .dll extension.

This DLL for the Side Panel functionality is adxloader.dll and you can register it using the same command, simply replace the sfdcrdm.dll with adxloader.dll

If you are running the 64bit version of Outlook you need to register the SfdcRdm64.dll file. By default there should be only one version of this file in the Salesforce for Outlook installation folder anyways

The screen shot below is an example of registering the DLL for SFO version 2.7 which gets installed in the user's Appdata folder

User-added image


For SFO Version 2.8 and later


Refer to the SFO Installation Diagram article for more information on the location of these DLLs

If you have installed SFO as Per User ( Me Only) Option then the DLLs are in the following location

%LocalAppData%\Programs\\Salesforce for Outlook\

and if you have installed SFO for everyone, per machine option then the DLLs will be located in

C:\Program Files (x86)\\Salesforce for Outlook\

* To register the DLL that is located in the Program files folder,. local administrator rights is required and you must run the Command Prompt as Administrator to register this files.


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