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Change the running user of a weekly data export

Knowledge Article Number 000004347

If there's been some change up in your company, and you need to reassign who runs scheduled exports, we'll show you what you need to do.


To change the running user of your scheduled data export please follow these steps:

1. Click on your name and then Go to Setup.
2. Under "Administration Setup," click on Data Management.
3. Click on Data Export.
4. Click on Schedule Export.
5. Click on Delete (NOTE: Only a System Admin can delete a scheduled export).
6. Login as the new running user. (NOTE: Only users with "Weekly Export" permission can schedule an export).
7. Navigate back to Setup | Administration Setup | Data Management | Data Export
6. Click on Schedule Export again and save the export settings that you require.
This will create a new Data Export schedule with you as the running user.

Here's another option on how to delete the scheduled export:

1. Go to Setup.
2. Under "Administration Setup " click Monitoring. You can also search for Monitoring on the Setup section to bring it up.
3. Click Scheduled Jobs.
4. Click Del to delete your scheduled export job.

Please Note: The new Scheduled Export enters the queue, from the new Running User, and the new request is processed.  Then the Export Files are available for download.  You will not see the new Running User's name displayed in the Scheduled By field until both of the conditions above have been met.


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