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Received "Log a Call" task email notification

Knowledge Article Number 000004348

If you're still getting email notifications for "Log a call," and you want to completely remove the option for email notifications, you'll want to make sure that you've unchecked 2 different checkboxes.

Task Page Layout

Removes the email notification checkbox on the task page layouts, as well as controlling whether to have the notification checkbox selected by default. 

1. Go to Setup.
2. Under "Customize," click Activities | then click Task Page Layouts.
3.. Click Edit for the page layout you need to modify. 
4. Click Layout Properties
5. Uncheck the Email Notification checkbox. Note that the checkbox only appears when "Enable User Control over Task Assignment Notifications" is not enabled.

Activity Settings

This option allows Admins to give individual control over turning notification emails on or off for all task assignments globally. 
1. Go to Setup
2. Under "Customize," click Activities | then click Activity Settings
3. Uncheck the box for Enable User Control over Task Assignment Notifications

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