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How does the 'Find Duplicates' search on the lead record work?

Knowledge Article Number 000004349

When you hit the "Find Duplicates" button on the lead record, you have an option to check the following options:
Name, Last Name, Company, Email, Domain, and Phone.


The find duplicates search does an OR search on all the criteria boxes checked therefore checking more boxes will return more results. 
It does a wild card search on the entire phrase of the checked box in all the standard search fields of the object (lead, contact, account, opportunity).

NOTE: This includes columns not shown on the Find Duplicates return screen; such as website on the account record. 

Example: *Acme Insurance* will not return companies with just "Acme" in the name. 
If you have: 
Company name Acme Insurance 
Lead first name Bob 
Lead last name -- Wye

It will perform the query as :
(*Acme Insurance*) OR (*Bob* AND *Wye*)

Further details on the merging duplicate leads, including the permissions required to use this feature, can be found here: Merging Duplicate Leads


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