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Exported number fields display in exponential format in excel

Knowledge Article Number 000004377

If you export the number fields from Salesforce, they can appear in exponential format in excel if they contain more than 12 digits. 

For example number field = 1122334455667

This may display in Excel as: 1.12233E+12


To resolve this in excel you can follow either of the following steps:


a. Select the cell range that you want to format.
b. On the Format menu, click Custom
c. In the Type box, type a zero for each digit in the number. For example, if the number has16 digits, type in 16 zeros
d. Click OK.

Note: This solution will only work if all the numbers have the same amount of digits. Otherwise Excel will add leading zeros to the number.


2). Expand the width of the column that contains the numbers.
a. Highlight the column in question.
b. Right click and select Format Cells
c. Choose "Number"
d. Click Ok
Either steps should make the column display the number in a number format, i.e 123456789123 vs 1234E+5

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