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What are the different ways to add Contacts and Leads to Campaigns?

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What are the different ways to add Contacts and Leads to Campaigns?


There are a number of ways to add Contacts and Leads to Campaigns for up to 50,000 records in the application:

- From a campaign, contact, person account, or lead report
- From a list view of existing contacts or leads
- From the Manage Members page
- From a CSV import file of existing members
- From an individual contact, person account, or lead record

The following links in the Help & Training portal provide full details (do a search by article title to find them):

- "Managing Campaign Members"
- "Campaigns FAQ" -- see the section "How can I add contacts and leads to my campaigns?" for a comparison of the methods

You can also watch a video: Campaigns in

Note that the proper user permissions / settings are needed. If you want the ability to use ALL of the methods available, you need the "Marketing User" setting checked in the user record, plus the following on the user Profile:

- "Edit" on campaigns
- "Import Leads"
- "Read" on leads
- "Read" on contacts

To update / add more than 50,000 records at a time, use the Data Loader. For example, the steps to associate existing leads to a campaign via the data loader:

1. To start, select Insert from the File menu.

2. Select data object -- Check the box to 'Show all Salesforce objects', then select 'Campaign Member'. Select your CSV file then click "Next".

3. Mapping -- Create the mapping for the insert (match CampaignID, LeadID and Status to the correct column headers in the source file), then click "Next".

4. Select the directory where the success and error files should be saved, then click "Finish".

In the source file, the only columns of data needed are Campaign ID, Lead ID and Status; any other columns are extraneous info.

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