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How do I create a report on Stage to Won ratio?

Knowledge Article Number 000004400
Description Do you want to know the percentage of Opportunities that were in Stage X that were eventually Won? There is more than one way to get a report that can display this information.

Option 1.

a. Create a number field called Stage X count

b. Create a workflow rule with a field update that updates Stage X count with a 1 when the stage becomes Stage X.

c. Set field history tracking for that field

d. Create a history report

e. Enter criteria Historical Stage = Stage X

f. Create Custom Summary Formula - Stage X count/ Won



Option 2.

a. Use the analytic snapshot to push Historical Stage into a custom object so that you can create a formula that counts that stage. To do this:

b. Create a history report with the historical stage, opportunity name, amount and won checkbox

c. Create a custom object also called target object. Create the 4 fields in the object. (Historical Stage should be a text field)

d. Create an analytic snapshot

e. Schedule the analytic snapshot

f. Once records are in the target object create a formula field called Stage X Count

IF(HistoricalStage= “X”, 1,0)

g. Create a report from the target object summarize by snapshot created date

h. Create Custom Summary Formula - Stage X Count/ Won

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