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Why are no Campaign fields selectable within my Campaigns with Opportunities report?

Knowledge Article Number 000004405

When creating a new custom Campaigns with Opportunities report the user is not given the option to display, filter or group on any of the fields from the Campaign object although they have the Marketing User checkbox populated on their user record.


This is a common issue and can be easily remedied.

The Primary Campaign Source field must be exposed to the user on the Opportunity object.
This issue normally arises because this field is hidden from view for the user's profile via Field Level Security.
This can be modified through the below clickpath:

  • Go to Setup | App Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Fields 
  • Click on the Primary Campaign Source fields 
  • Click on the Set Field-Level Security button
  • Select the access for each profile. Select Visible if the field needs to be visible and editable to the user. Select Visible AND Read Only if the field needs to be Read Only to the users
  • Click Save

Once these steps are completed system will permit these fields to be displayed on the report.

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