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Questions about SSO, SAML and Delegated Authentication

Knowledge Article Number 000004422

Can we have both SAML authentication and Delegated Authentication enabled at the same time?


A user on company network wants to login to SFDC via SAML. When the user is outside the company network, and prompted for a login ID and Password at, we want to validate them using our delegated authentication service.

Additionally, How would this configuration impact any non-web clients that the users might access the system with (ie: Salesforce for Outlook, Excel Connector, Data Loader, etc?


User can be authenticated using SAML and delegated authentication. They can co-exist and work in paralel. This is also true for use of the SF Classic mobile and Salesforce1.When Delegated Auth is enabled for a given user's profile, the user when logging into, will be validated and authenticated via a delegated webservice i.e. LDAP .  

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