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How can I make users follow records automatically in Chatter?

Knowledge Article Number 000004431

We want to make users automatically follow Leads, Opportunities, and Cases (or other records) in Chatter based on rule criteria previously defined.


This collaboration scenario has been described in the following demo video:

In the AppExchange there is an application called Cloud Swarm, that allows users to automatically follow Opportunities and Cases in Salesforce Chatter based on the rule criteria you define. This application is available for free at the following link:

Here's how to get started with this application:

 Create a Rule

Rules define what gets automatically followed, by specifying criteria. For instance, if you are a Sales Manager, you might want to make a rule for the leadership team to automatically follow all the big deals in your company. Or if you are a Customer Service Manager, you might want to follow any very important issues or any Cases that have been escalated.

 Create or Update a Record

Add a new record or edit a current record that doesn't already meet the criteria of the rule you just created. For instance, if your rule is to follow all Opportunities with an Amount over $50K, create a new Opportunity for $60K.


When you update the record, all the users defined in the rule will now be following the record in Chatter and will receive any updates to the record on their news feed. Keep in mind that if the swarm doesn't happen immediately, try refreshing the page in 10 seconds (swarming happens in the background.)

Please note that this is a third party application and is provided here as a courtesy for consideration but is not supported by Salesforce. See Does Salesforce provide support for the third party apps or installed packages? for more details.

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