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Why do Portal Reports receive an 'Insufficient Privileges' error or are missing columns?

Knowledge Article Number 000004441

When portal users run a report in the partner or customer portal, they receive an "Insufficient Privileges" error.  Or certain columns are missing on that report.


When the org wide sharing setting for an object is set to Public Read/ Write, it does not allow reports for the object to be viewed via the partner portal for security reasons.

The workaround for this limitation is to change the org wide sharing settings to Private.

NOTE:  The Product and Price Book objects are not available for sharing setting changes, therefore, these are not reportable.

Per the section "Allowing Portal Users to View the Reports Tab" under "Customizing Your Partner Portal Tabs" and "Customizing Your Customer Portal Tabs" in our Help & Training:

"Set the organization wide default sharing model to Private on objects you want portal users to report on." (Default External Access)

To address the error, change the object's org wide sharing setting to Private under Setup | Security Controls | Sharing Settings. Then grant your users (portal and/or internal users) sharing to the object via sharing rules if necessary.

This is a reporting limitation and the feature request is located here in the IDEAS:

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