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Export email addresses from Leads into Excel format

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Want a list of email addresses from your Leads? Follow the steps below to export them to Excel. 

Export your Lead Email Addresses


1. Go to the Reports tab.
2. Click New Report.
3. You'll be taken to the "Create New Report" page. The Report Type should be "Leads." 
4. Click Create.
5. On the "Unsaved Report" page, first adjust the filters (Show: All Leads; Date Field: Create Date; Range: All Time).
6. From "Preview" (where you have all the fields listed), you have the option to remove unnecessary fields. Just drag the column back to the left pane. You may also add more fields by drag and dropping them from the left pane to the preview area.
7. For this purpose, use the following Fields: First Name, Last Name, Title, Company/Account, and Email.
8. Click Run Report (just above filters).
9. It will take you to a new page named "Lead List Report," since it is not yet saved. Click Save as and supply the Report Name. Choose a Report Folder, and then click Save & Return to Report.
10. Once saved it'll show the Report Name you chose. Click Export Details.
11. For the "Export File Encoding," choose Unicode (UTF-8). For the "Export File Format," choose either .csv (Comma Delimited) or .xls (Excel Format), and then click Export.
12. A pop-up screen will prompt you to either Open or Save the file.
13. Once you've saved or opened the file, click Done on the Export Report page.

You've now created a list of email addresses for all your Leads!

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